My Testimony

My story is actually the story how God rescued me.

i was only 15 years old, stepping foot into high school and i didnt think it would be that bad. being raised by 3 brothers i got along with guys mostly and the girls started talking and making up rumors. (just to let you know i was only there for four months). all the girls in my school started to say mean things to me and call me names. they always pushed me while i was walking to class, pull my hair and throw things at me.  i started to eat in the bathrooms, sitting by myself.

I was introduce to drugs at this time. i did almost  every drug, went to parties. i was fighting depression all at the same time. drugs was a get away to me, to forget what everyone did to me.  when i turned 18 years old, i stop doing drugs and started to drink. i got drunk with almost everybody i saw until i went to a new school. while i was walking to the new school, i saw a few buses pass by me with the same sign. the sign said (WHO AM I?) with a cross next to it, and i knew something big was going to happen.

i felt it. when i got there i met a guy. a really sweet one, we started to date and go on more dates. he told me he wanted to meet his mom which i was so nervous about because i was such a bad kid, like who could possibly love me. they expose me to church and walking in that church changed me. how i felt, my attitude, the way i think. it was the Holy Spirit that made me changed. my struggle that went through my mind before i accept Jesus, was people going to judge me, was my friends and family.

why i accepted Jesus was because i didn’t want to be alone, i wanted to be love by someone and i wanted my pain and hate to go away. after i accept Jesus into my heart i feel like a new person, i felt loved, and i’ll never be alone ever again. i just want to know more about Jesus everyday because he is an amazing father to me and to everyone of us.  Jesus is my Lord and Savior. And I’m proud to say that I am his child.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you”                                                  (1 Peter 5:7)


3 thoughts on “My Testimony”

  1. Lily, I would like to hug you, and tell you that I appreciate your desire to follow Christ and encourage others. I am so sorry for the difficult time that you went through at that one particular high school. People of “the world” can be so cruel. “Christians” are not perfect, but I would expect some fruits of the holy spirit……… May your walk from here on be RICH in His wisdom, peace and LOVE.

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